It Was All Good Until You Came


(devoted to prolific crypto sociopaths like @vitalikbuterin, @danlarimer, @bradgarlinghouse, @justinsuntron, and ordinary shitcoiners)

It was all good until you came.
Satoshi showed the noble way,
“Go do the work and bring the proof!”
But you said, “Nah, I will just spoof!”

PoS, sharding, baking, DAG, DeFi —
VCs paid millions to learn these words.
Plebs couldn’t beat their plebbish odds,
All rekt, in Telegram they cry.

You say “Enjoy!”, martyr your tamed,
It was so great before you came.

But we are building value store,
The kind one never saw before.
Bitcoin is strong, Bitcoin is steady,
It’s saving starving folk already!

But then you had to “speed it up”,
Sell failed ideas, cover up,
Pre-mine, cash out, button up…

It was all punk, and crisp, and dandy
Until you fucking showed up.